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Today's wireless technologies help users increase productivity by connecting to handheld devices and Laptop computers when and where they want—in hospital rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, in hotels, and on warehouse floors. It has made it affordable to supplement wired networks rather than replace them.

IBS Wireless Services
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Ad Hoc Network

An ad hoc (peer-to-peer) network is an independent local area network not connected to a wired infrastructure where all stations are connected directly to one another. Configuring a WLAN in ad hoc mode is used to establish a network where wireless infrastructure does not exist or where services are not required, such as a trade show or collaboration by coworkers at a remote location.

Infrastructure Network

In an infrastructure network, WLAN clients connect to the corporate network through a wireless access point, and then operate like a wired client would. Most corporate wireless LANs operate in infrastructure mode and access the wired network for connections to printers and file servers.


A hotspot provides wireless LAN service, for free or for a fee, from a wide variety of public meeting areas, including coffee shops and airport lounges. There are currently thousands of hotspots worldwide and new access points are being added daily. To use hotspots, your notebook must be configured with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED technology so you can connect with other products. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED notebooks can send and receive data anywhere within the range of a wireless LAN base station.

Point-to-Point Bridge

A bridge connects two networks. A point-to-point bridge would interconnect two buildings. Access points connect a network to multiple users, and bridges connect networks. For example, a wireless LAN bridge can interface with an Ethernet network directly to a particular access point. This may be necessary if you have several devices in a distant part of the facility that are interconnected using Ethernet. Point-to-Multipoint Bridge

When connecting three or more LANs that may be located on different floors in a building or across buildings, the point to multipoint wireless bridge is utilized. The multipoint wireless bridge configuration is similar to a point-to-point bridge in many ways.

Ethernet to Wireless Bridge

An Ethernet to wireless bridge connects a single device that has an Ethernet port but not an 802.11 network interface card (NIC), such as a network printer.

WLAN installations offer companies a way to improve their business operations and increase revenues. Providing wireless connectivity to a small segment of a larger environment can let companies measure the gains of a wireless pilot site and in turn, recognize the advantages of extending their wireless capability.

Wireless Security

In the past, security fears have caused some network managers to avoid installing wireless LANs (WLANs), regardless of the numerous benefits that they provide. Today the landscape of wireless security has changed, giving IT managers new confidence to deploy WLANs.

IBS Security experts recommend that enterprises deploy several layers of defense across the network to mitigate threats. Additional security components might include firewalls, intrusion-detection systems (IDSs), and virtual LANs (VLANs). Network managers also reduce risk by wisely designing and installing their wireless networks, by implementing proven security measures, and by using products and software developed by experts in network security.

Wireless Site Survey

The Wireless Site Survey is the precursor to a successful wireless network implementation. Familiarity with the unique needs of wireless networks translates into an accurate survey, and well-developed configuration and placement design. This up-front planning and documentation facilitates the smooth implementation of your network. Expert Engineers experienced with wireless products and wireless network design help you to create a network that meets your specific needs.

Cost-effective solutions
  • Identify efficient topology to minimize Access Points.
  • Deliver efficient installations by eliminating guesswork .
  • Get it right the first time .
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