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More often than not, relocating your IT systems to a new facility is a time consuming and expensive process. It requires the attention of your company personnel (in most cases, management), leaving you and your coworkers little time to perform essential business functions. Effectively coordinating the telephone companies, ISPs, PBX vendors, network consultants, cabling technicians and other technology providers is a daunting task for anyone not practiced at relocation.

IBS gives your business affordable, dependable and experienced systems-relocation services ≠ from initial consultation and planning, to the breakdown, movement and set-up of your systems. Fully insured, we gently disassemble your systemsí hardware at your old site, carefully transport it in reliable vehicles, and reassemble everything efficiently and correctly at your new location.

As your business grows, your IT requirements increase, too. At IBS, we make optimal use of capital equipment and resources your business already has, and then provide you with all the elements needed for a complete IT growth solution ≠ one that is advanced, responsive, and cost-effective.
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