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Our disaster-recovery experts assess your business' IT infrastructure and provide you with the solutions you need to make sure that, in the event of an outage or catastrophe, your business' IT systems get up and running in a minimal time frame, with maximum effectiveness. We start by developing your business a pragmatic contingency plan — one that can be easily implemented, yet is cost effective. We then provide and install a multitude of disaster recovery precautions, based on your exact needs, such as uninterruptible power supplies, fully redundant servers, off-site tape and data storage, and other innovative safety measures.

At IBS, we offer three options for disaster recovery planning: Real-Time Replication, Online Back Up and Offsite Tape Storage. And we will help you choose the most effective and economical system to meet your needs.
DITTO, the most cutting edge back-up and data recovery system on the market is now available for small to mid-size businesses and home offices...more>>