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Many people think real-time replication means expensive hardware and even more expensive software. Today, this is just not the case. It is true that if you need real-time synchronous transaction-assured replication, such as that used by Wall Street trading firms, it will cost you. However, new solutions based on asynchronous software-based replication are amazingly efficient and affordable.

With asynchronous software-based replication, only the bytes of information that are actually changed when a file is updated (not the entire block of information or the whole file) are replicated. When compared with synchronous replication solutions, this approach offers lower load on the production servers, faster updates, and the ability to send replication updates across low-bandwidth Internet networks.

DITTO from IBS uses asynchronous replication technology. It is a truly hardware-independent, version-independent, and OS-independent data protection solution. It allows an administrator to specify mission critical data stored on a network server and transmit that data to a second server. (This is the disaster recovery server and should be located offsite.) DITTO then monitors any changes to the data on the first server and continuously replicates only those changes to the second server. The second server is synchronized with the first, therefore, data is protected and an up-to-date copy of the data is immediately available.

With DITTO you can go even further. Depending on your disaster recovery needs, IBS may recommend adding a high availability server to your contingency plan. In this case if one of your production servers fails, DITTO will seamlessly move, or failover, the responsibilities and roles of the failed server to the high availability server because it contains an exact replica of the production data. Users can then access the high availability server as if it were the production machine. In the event of an emergency, your data will not only be protected but will be accessible within minutes.
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