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DITTO, the online backup service from IBS, requires no tape drive, no initial software costs, and has no limit to the amount of data you can back up. Restores can be done in minutes from anywhere in the world with an easy to use Web interface.

If you are a sales or operations manager with virtual employees, DITTO is the perfect solution for you to be able to make sure your employees work and data are backed up in case of sudden tragedy, illness, theft or termination. DITTO is compliant with the HIPAA Act, which mandates that healthcare industry practitioners provide secure, encrypted off-site backup. Whether your backup is federally mandated or just good common sense, IBS insures your business continuity.

Since the information is transmitted across the Internet, communications between the user and the server must be encrypted to prevent anyone from intercepting data as it is transmitted. As part of the initial connection procedure, the DITTO client software negotiates a compatible set of encryption methods before sending any user information to the server.

Storage on the Server

When the encrypted backup data has been successfully received by the server, it is immediately stored on the disk in the encrypted format and the file names are further encrypted to make it more difficult for someone to identify the user data on the server. Data must be encrypted while stored to prevent unauthorized users from accessing files in the event the physical storage device is obtained by an unauthorized third party.

Storage on the client

Important information such as the users password must be stored on the client computer in order to facilitate the logon process to the DITTO backup server. The password and other important information is stored on the client system in an encrypted format that can only be read by the DITTO application.


User authentification is performed immediately after the encrypted connection between the client and server has been made. The client software sends the username and password to the server to be validated against the Windows NT/2000/2003 user database. This process provides a robust and secure method for managing all users.
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