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IBS announces availability of DITTO the easy-to-use Online back up service

December 1, 2004, New York, NY - DITTO, the most cutting edge back-up and data recovery system on the market is now available for small to mid-size businesses and home offices, only from IBS.

"We are very excited about this new product," said Adam Jaffe, CEO of IBS, "its the perfect solution for business people who often dont realize they need a solution until its too late. You see, disaster recovery is one of those things people dont like to think about. They think its complicated, expensive, and only appropriate for large corporations. With DITTO nearly everyone can afford to have their vital data protected the way it should be."

DITTO provides secure, encrypted, off-site backup and restoration of data with an easy-to-use online interface. It supports dial-up networking, Internet and TCP/IP network protocols, and it can run "invisibly" while you continue to work. File selection filters allow you to easily select only the most important files for backup.

Even personal computer users need a backup copy of their data. The "system recovery disk" that comes with your computer will not recover personal files if a disaster strikes. Which means your emails, financial records, research, kids pictures, homework, or your home business files could be lost forever. With DITTO all of this is easily, regularly and cost effectively protected. Unlike backup tapes which are costly, cumbersome and time consuming, DITTO restores your data in minutes from anywhere in the world through a simple Web interface.

Whatever your computer use, data should have a regularly scheduled backup copy made. Now anyone can do this easily and cost effectively with DITTO. And with DITTO you also get the unmatched technical support of IBS.

About IBS Innovative Business Solutions, the Magic Constant in technology consulting, provides reliable hardware, software, service, and support to help manage the growing world of information for businesses, institutions, and consumers.

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