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IBS will design and deploy a security strategy that will increase your control of sensitive information and avoid costly mistakes. Our expert security professionals provide the expertise required for effective security design and architecture. Designing security systems with growth, simplified management, and the requirements of your business in mind, increases long-term network security and lowers the cost of ownership.

Security Expert Services:
  • Architecture Design, Deployment and Implementation
  • Providing an expert to serve on network design
  • Policy development and Implementation
  • Anti-virus strategy and Implementation
Threat Assessment:

Businesses need to develop a security assessment program that will find everything they're looking for--a proven, expert-tested methodology on which to base their Security Strategy. Our assessment covers all offensive technologies by grouping and analyzing them at a higher level--from both an offensive and defensive standpoint--helping design and deploy networks that are immune to offensive exploits, tools, and scripts.

Whether you require a security posture snapshot, or an in-depth risk assessment, IBS will help you put a plan in place to minimize the financial impact of a security breech, and rapidly return affected employees to full productivity.

IBS will assess the following vulnerabilities:

       Outside intruder
       Virus outbreak
       Firewall policy
       Internal access
       Remote access

Your company's current strategy, deployment practices and current management practices for maintaining and updating security products will be fully assessed. A complete report will be delivered to you listing our findings. It will provide explanations on how these vulnerabilities can effect your business, pinpoint areas for improvement, and recommend technical prevention and best practices to protect your company in the future.
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